This Product Impact Tool website (portal) is maintained by Wouter Eggink and Steven Dorrestijn.

Steven Dorrestijn has conceived the Product Impact Tool, originally as part of his PhD research. He developed the general idea, and the core model and first concepts of the portal. His PhD thesis also contains the theoretical basis for the tool.

Wouter Eggink has co-developed this portal. He is mainly responsible for elaboration of the design of the website in analoy with the core model. He has also developed workshop formats and materials and contributed to theoretical elaboration for which he coined the title of a “practical turn in the philosophy of technology”.

Thanks for help:

Tjebbe van Eemeren, for developing a concept and functioning prototype for a Product Impact Tool (bachelor project), for collaborating on finding examples (some of them still in use), and for programming in flash the first version of the tool according to the final concept.

Tjerk Timan, for developing the second, before last, version of the tool, in html, according to the final concept.

Mike Westdijk, for the graphical design of the model of the product impact tool with the human figure and icons.

Lijnrecht web developpers (Stef Dijkstra), for elaborating the design and for developing the final version of the tool, in html5 and impress.js.

Robin Withaar (Imagined), for developing the portal site and for further developing the core model side and adding a CMS for maintenance.

Jonne van Belle, for developing of physical materials for workshop sessions with the Product Impact Tool, and testing them with design professionals and students (bachelor project).

Rens Marcus, for elaborating and extensive testing of a workshop format for Responsible Research and Innovation (bachelor project).

Thomas Raub, for expanding the use of the Product Impact Tool for prospective thinking about technology development (bachelor project).

Steffi Fleige, for a research on the validation of the effectiveness of the tool for making design and engineering students aware of the impact of technology.

Martine Vonk, for contributing to refinement of the behind-the-back quadrant, and for exploring the use of the tool in class and in research projects.

Peter-Paul Verbeek, for defining a PhD project on “product impact”, for supervision and collaboration in reserach, for quite some workshops with the Product Impact Tool in different stages of conception.

Mascha van der Voort, for collaboration in the Design for Usability project, and for being instrumental in the development and financing with a Design United grant of the development for the core model website.

Aknowledgements for financial contributions

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Design United
IOP-IPCR Design for Usability